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Thrilling Laser Tag Rentals in Annandale

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A party is no party without games, and what better game to play than Tom’s Laser Tag? Easily incorporate any group size, play indoors or outdoors, and have a blast. Our mobile service delivers laser tag rentals in Annandale, VA, that help families host the best possible parties. We frequently hear from guests about what a fantastic time they’ve had and that they think our parties are the best ever. Call us today; we book 6 weeks or more in advance and offer weekend rentals available on much shorter notice.

Our chaperoned party entertainment is tailored to each event, host, and guest. We’re happy to accommodate siblings and players with special needs. Let us know if there are any areas of your yard or facility that should be off-limits, and we’ll cordon them off for you. Moreover, laser tag can be played during the day or night and in light rain, fog, and snow. Should there be a thunderstorm or other severe weather, we’ll gladly reschedule you for another day.

How Our Birthday Party Games Work

We arrive at your location 15 minutes before your party starts to ensure time for setup and a smooth transition into the game. Our equipment includes ribbons with different colors to identify the two teams, and our guns are similarly color-coded with red or blue light. Time is taken to brief everyone on safety rules and how our laser guns work, and we arrange it so that no player who is “out” has to wait long to get back in. Our sessions are typically 2 hours, which allows for 6 games-though naturally this can vary.

Although birthday parties are our primary business, we also assist with corporate, school, and church youth group games. Wherever you are, we show up on time with 18-40 laser tag guns and supplies to provide multiple games for your party. Our coaches stay at your event to offer direction and give everyone a chance to play. Reserve us for your next:

  • Birthday Party
  • Graduation Party
  • Church Youth Event
  • School Event

Laser Tag Rentals Your Way

Want the equipment but not the coaching or 2-hour time limit? We can do that. Tom’s Laser Tag delivers weekend rentals of our older classic equipment throughout the Washington, DC area. The weekend rental program allows maximum flexibility for groups to run their own event and is a great option for families that waited too late to book a chaperoned party. By renting a set of our older models, you can still have laser tag at your party even if we’re not available.
We offer multiple sets of laser tag guns and can explain the benefits of both. Our crew delivers them fully charged with enough juice for 4 hours and tells you how they work. Unchaperoned laser tag can be just as enjoyable.

We Sell Portable Gaga Ball Pits for Fast Fun

Everyone loves dodgeball, and our gaga ball pits let you play a fast-paced version in your own home. We sell and deliver these and can assemble them for a fee. They’re designed to be affordable and easily portable, and some models can be used inside or outside.
Youth groups love our pits, and they can provide hours of entertainment and exercise for all ages. Feel free to ask us about the different designs we can make and what kind of games can be played in them. We love bringing fun to our customers and are willing to work around your needs to do it.

Contact us to reserve your event early. We travel throughout Annandale, Virginia, along with Maryland and Washington, DC.

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